Rosenau - Bedroom

Inspired by the legacy of Biedermeier furniture, the Rosenau collection is executed in hand-selected swirl mahogany veneers with inlay of sapele, a fine-grained hardwood with the characteristic russet color of the mahogany family. Placing emphasis on line, proportion and detail, the Rosenau collection brings classic shapes and motifs to new life using traditional construction and finishing techniques to bring out the full beauty of premium materials. Designed by Michael Vanderbyl, the Rosenau collection includes a range of pieces that blend sophistication and livability, including upholstered seating, cocktail and side tables, dining chairs, tables and cabinets and a classic Biedermeier tiered chest and panel bed with posts for elegant bedrooms.

Michael Vanderbyl

Designer: Michael Vanderbyl

Vanderbyl Design - USA